Why B’nai Chayim

Ten reasons to choose the B’nai Chayim advantage:

  1. The apostle Paul said that when he became an adult, he put away childish things. It is one of our goals to help believers, both Jewish and Gentile to grow up out of a childish, carnal spirituality and become totally fulfilled, totally committed, mature believers who have both found their place in the L-rd and their place in this community of believers.
  2. We want to help people who are called to our movement to become spiritually stable disciples who know what they believe and are constantly applying both their faith and their obedience to every situation of their lives, from the cradle to the grave and through every transition in-between.
  3. We take discipleship seriously and want to wean people away from personal baggage (attitudes and habits) which prevent them from building their house on the weatherproof rock of Messiah’s Word.
  4. Luke 8:11-15 speaks of four kinds of reactions to the Word of the L-rd and too many believers become choked, defeated and discouraged, both with what is going on in the world and what is going on with too many believing communities. We want to be a place where spiritually minded people with good, honest and perseverating hearts, learn the spiritual strategies and disciplines which will help them to bring forth one hundredfold fruit in every area of their lives.
  5. We challenge people to examine their hearts and their lives and to be lead away from any wickedness into the L-rd’s way everlasting, and that by adopting a lifestyle derived from a New Testament/Torah based morality.
  6. We also have high standards of conflict resolution and spiritual accountability and we believe that we have to love people enough to take the risk of becoming someone’s enemy by telling them the truth they need to hear but want to ignore AND we will want to do it with firm gentleness and enduring respect (Gal. 4:16 and I Peter 3:15).
  7. We want to develop a true, biblically based context for appropriate friendship and personal intimacy in fellowship in order that that we could all grow into full fruitful, mature fellowship with each other.
  8. We do not believe that people with major physical and emotional disabilities cannot learn to overcome them, either by divine healing, or by learning successful compensatory life strategies in order that they can function to their full personal potential in our midst.
  9. We believe that there are five keys to personal and community fulfillment: temperament, training, experience, opportunity and gifting. The temperament and the gifting you were born with is G-d’s gift to you, how you use the training, the experience and the opportunities of your life is your gift to G-d. We want to help you discover both G-d’s gifts to you and how to use them to become a grateful gift to G-do.
  10. Finally, we want you help you to discover who you are in the L-rd and what it is He is calling you to do AND how His Word is calling you to do it.

Come and discover a dynamic, life changing discipleship in a Messianic Jewish context which welcomes both Jews and Gentiles who are called to our movement and where we recognize that gender is one of G-d’s greatest giftings and is never an impediment to spiritual maturity and ministry.